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Posted on: March 24, 2008 9:32 pm

My Official List regarding the most annoying fans

Between reading the message boards and knowing fans of certain sports teams, I have become annoyed by the ridiculous and bombastic (not boombastic, sorry Shaggy) nature of some of their minions. So fair weather fans, bandwagon jumpers, and hometown heroes aside, here is my contribution to calling these jokers out....

First off, I am from Trumble, CT, but grew up in Tucson, AZ. My first game was Suns vs. Pistons in 1982. I had pizza with my dad afterward, we saw a car on fire in the parking lot, I have a sick memory!!! My dad has always liked the Suns and used to go to games when he was young in the early 70's... My Mom's family has always been Boston fans, save for my favourite Uncle, who chose the Lakers and Dodgers as his teams as a small kid, committing the cardinal sin of rooting against the Celtics... So naturally I chose the Lakers as my team as soon as I could- nothing against the Suns, but nobody really cared about them in the early 1980's in Tucson, AZ. And how could I ever root against Showtime? Please, I still have my Magic Johnson jersey...

The point is I have always disliked the Celtics, and found most of their fanbase to be arrogant and clueless, save for the older generations. This team was awful for years, and is taking a break from being the joke of the East- Don't get used to it, though. Celtics fans suck. Ask them about Len Bias, Dave Cowens, Dennis Johnson, or the Chief... All they can talk about is Larry Bird, KG, and maybe Paul Pierce... We won't ever talk about Red Auerbach or Bill Russell.

Suns fans also annoy me at the moment. I live in Phoenix, I like Nash alot, Bell and Barbosa of course... But ever since this team got Shaq, they are all a bunch of paper badasses- Yes, we know you all think Amare Stoudamire is the best big man ever, and how your guy's are going to kick Kobe's ass and knock the Lakers out of the playoffs, blah blah blah.... Don't forget, when your team chokes you have to find a goat like Tim Donahey or how David Stern fixed it against you... You all sound like Kings fans a few years back. San Antoni has your number, and is a better team.... Save for Big Shot Robert Horry, who has become a bitch in my opinion... All you can say is  "Lakers suck", "San Antonio cheated, they suck" blah blah blah... Just shut up and try to come up with something to prop up your own team rather than talk trash about LA or San Antonio- We know you think they suck, we are over it, so what?

I hate the Yankees but still respect them as my team's chief Rival... Go Sox!!! But this Red Sox Nation thing is soooooo stupid. It's not cute anymore. I don't need a member card to be a fan of this team... Alot of these new Sox fans are just wicked retarded... They are crass, unknowledgable, and overly obnoxious... Some times I wish we still sucked... I liked when we Sox fans could relate to each other, despite differences in  age, race, politics, etc... Now you talk about the Sox to some kid and all you get back is "Yankees Suck!!!" Well yes, they do suck, but can you tell me why? Hint... 1978... 2003... Two guys with "F*cking" as a middle name maybe? Or can you tell me something else about the Sox? If you like a team so much, maybe you would invest some time into learning the history behind it, trust me, it's probably pretty interesting...

Raiders fans, Cowboys fans, and Broncos fans seem pretty annoying... It is, however, kinda cool that although the Raiders are such a joke and a messed up organization that will probably never do anything ever again, they still have die-hard fans.... Sure, some of the Black Hole denizens might be considered members of the undesirables or people you wouldn't want moving into your neighborhood, they are still fans.... So Raiders fans, although you are kinda ridiculous looking dressed in your Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome playset gear, you get a pass for being real fans... Kinda like Packer fans, but without the Cheese heads... Cowboys fans are annoying, but a lot are really knowledgable about the team... Even though it's been a soap opera for far too long... I like the Broncos to apoint, but their fans are also loud and silly, saying how awesome they are... sorry, if Jake Plummer put his bong down long enough to shoot you the bird, I have to agree with that. Dolphins fans used to be annoying, but you don't see much of them anymore, kinda like Blue Whales...

OK, that's my thing, Lemme know your least favourite fan base...

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Posted on: February 4, 2008 3:43 am

The Super Bowl

First off, Congrats to the Giants, thank you for proving me right in the fact that I picked your team to get to the Super Bowl and keep it close, unlike the idiots who thought your club was a fluke. No, Big Blue is not Peter McNeely or a jobber. I grew up loving the Giants, and the Pats were my AFC team. This is still the case years later. I was rooting for the Patriots because I wanted to see history, and also to make the 1972 Dolphins irrelevant. Honest to God, I rooted against the G-Men only twice in my life, both times this year. I'm still pissed about the last time they made it to the big show, getting destroyed by the goddamn Ravens... I still hate the Ravens for that. I hope they suck for many years to come, curses to Modell. I had no clue they were going to do what they did, though I liked their chances...

I really like the Pats, but really dislike Belichick. I was wondering why they've become the most hated team in America, there it is. The rest are just jealous that they are relatively unstoppable... I mean, were...

Anyway, New York needs some success in Sports this century... Seeing how the Giants are the only team I can stomach from there, this is good. I hate the Yankees (but respect them of course), the Knicks are a joke, the Mets are more likable but sad none-the-less, the Jets are... (insert clever noun when applicable)...

My message to New England fans, from a transplanted New Englander living in PHX, is simple... Don't ever underestimate another team, don't ever feel your team is invincible, try to stay humble in defeat, and don't ever feel like this season was a let-down because your team lost the last game. 18-1 is incredible, especially for second place. Get over it fast, next year will be here soon.

And on a side note, there seems to be a lot of obnoxious fans for the Pats and Red Sox the last few years. I will make this simple. You people are making us look bad, so shut the Frack up and go back to from which you came, and have fun watching the Celtics suck down the Stretch run... Pistons  vs. Lakers this year ladies, Lakers win in 6


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Posted on: February 4, 2008 3:42 am
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